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What is family therapy about?

Health among family relationships may be affected by different situations which should be addressed as soon as possible. Among the most common situations we have is divorce, conflicts in interpersonal relationships between parents and children and siblings, mental and physical abuse between the couple and others.

These situations, if not taken care of, would be able to dislocate the family union and bring one or more members of this to fall into anxiety and depression which could worsen the family picture.

What can we expect in a family therapy?

Family therapy involves the interaction of the family members. The objective is to define the differences between their members that lead to the conflict. The process could take several group sessions and with each family member individually.

At Valcourt Behavioral Health we have highly qualified personnel to assess and effectively address family conflicts. For appointment you can contact our Miami Lakes office at 305-764-0194. You can also call or send text message to 305-814-2328.