Depression and anxiety

The presence of any kind of mental health condition can cause a lot of distress in the lives of those who suffer from it. 

Depression is one of those mental illnesses that can cause disorders in all areas of a person’s life. People who suffer from depression often struggle with overwhelming feelings of despair that subsequently result in feelings of helplessness by feeling stagnant without improvement. 

While everyone experiences periods of sadness and loneliness throughout their lives, those suffering from depression experience these feelings to such an extent that it limits their ability to function adequately on a daily basis.

The intensive nature of this treatment incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), in addition to providing continuous psychodynamic therapy throughout the various aspects of the therapeutic process. Those participating in our Mood & Anxiety program are offered the following treatment methods, which are described in each person’s individual treatment plan:

Drug handling:

People who suffer from depression often find relief from their symptoms through the implementation of psychotropic medications. However, the need for medicines is always determined on a case-by-event basis. Residents who participate in the Mood & Anxiety program are treated weekly by a psychiatrist to determine the need for medication or to adjust any medication that has been prescribed. 

Individual therapy:

When entering the Mood & Anxiety treatment plan, the patient is assigned a primary therapist with whom he or she will meet at least once a week. All individual sessions at our treatment center are conducted by master-level physicians and/or licensed psychologists, and are designed to provide our patients with the opportunity to discuss their progress in treatment, and to address Any concerns that may arise.

Group therapy:

By the time patients are admitted to the Mood & Anxiety treatment plan, they are assigned to a small group of peers, all of whom participate in the same plan. This group will meet in therapy sessions several times a month. In addition to serving as a general process group, the topics covered during these group sessions at our center may include:

– Anxiety
– Stress Management
– Pain management and loss
 – Learn about codependency and coping skills.
— Learning tools to express anger in a healthy and productive way
— Full attention
– Relapse Prevention

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