People from all over the world move daily to Florida to enjoy the temperature and always abundant sunshine but, together with endless possibilities and uninterrupted energy, stress increases, life may seem like a continuous career. These stressful factors can cause you to need a specialized support system. Whether you’re worried about depression, anxiety and/or insomnia, we can help you manage your treatment and incorporate it into the overall primary care picture.

Valcourt Behavioral Health’s offices offer comprehensive mental health services. All of our mental health providers have the credentials and experience necessary to assess, diagnose and manage a variety of mental health conditions.

Our members also have access to a variety of other treatment options, including stress management and control programs, a series of stress management and anxiety workshops led by health-experienced providers and health consultants. Throughout several group sessions, participants learn highly practical tools and skills for everyday life. Our mental health services also include a personalized anxiety control program taught by a health advisor. The program consists of four to six 50-minute sessions each, and participants learn a diverse set of skills to prevent and control anxiety, nervousness, panic, and concern.

Do you prescribe medication?

In Valcourt behavioral Health we have qualified providers to prescribe medication when it is determined essential to achieve the desired results. However, we consider each patient an individual and believe in applying a unique treatment for each person. In some cases, medication may be an important part of therapy, while in other cases alternative modalities may be more beneficial. For some people, a combination of medications and other treatments such as cognitive therapy, nutritional counseling may be more effective. We will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that you feel comfortable with.

For appointments you can contact us at 305-764-0194 or can send us a text message to 305-814-2328.

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